Shortly after graduating from college, Louisa began her career in the food service industry when she was hired by a stainless steel manufacturing company as a CAD operator.  During her thirteen years with the company, she developed a strong knowledge of the food service industry and moved upward in the company ranks to Senior Estimator.  Louisa’s talents were highlighted as the primary person involved in expanding the company’s ability to rethink the way the stock equipment was built and change it to work in a custom application.

When Louisa joined JME Hospitality (formally JEM Associates) in 2004, her strong, industry, background helped her transition easily from the manufacturing side to the design end of the industry.   She continues to troubleshoot on projects, but now from the design point of view.  Louisa’s experience and industry knowledge have also been a valuable resource to the new designers in the company, as she is always willing to help them grow within the company, as well as the industry, by lending her support.


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