OSU Wexner Medical Center

Category: Design for renovated BOH and FOH

About the Project:  The OSU Wexner Medical Center renovation is exactly the kind of project on which JME thrives. The client had defined goals, a motivated F&B team, and an open mindset that resulted in a collaborative, innovative design that exceeded all expectations. Several factors aligned to culminate into a facility that now produces 2.5 million meals per year, while increasing revenue by 70 percent in just two years. This project was also completed without closing the facility during the 22-month phased project’s duration. A centralized receiving storeroom and distribution area, integrated with automated transport system, allows for minimized workloads on the individual kitchens. A centralized kitchen armed with robust cook-chill equipment has supported significant meal volume growth of 500,000 additional meals. JME was also able to reallocate space in the dining areas, not only maximizing space for customers and employees, but allowing for a more efficient operation and thereby increasing sales.